Body Wisdom

As a woman, it can be uncomfortable just being in our own bodies.  Not surprising, given the scrutiny by others (not to mention ourselves) for how much we weigh, what we eat, how we look, how we dress, how sexual we are/aren’t, how athletic we are/aren’t and, after all that, how emotional we can become.  All of this preoccupation can be overwhelming.  It can turn our bodies into a source of shame, never “good enough”.

One of my main goals in therapy is to help you reconnect to the wisdom of your body.

As women, our bodies are subject to more change throughout our lives.  From our teenage physique to young adulthood to pregnancy and post partum to mature adulthood and menopause, our physical presence in the world is changing.  We need different foods, support and wisdom as our bodies interact with these changing demands and life stages.  I will support you as you explore how food, friends, family and your personal self-talk all relates to your body during each of these important phases of life.