Therapy can be an occasion of self-discovery, self-actualization and physical, mental and spiritual healing.  It offers you the opportunity to work with someone trained to assist you in:

  • Recognizing and understanding the issues, uncertainties, emotions and perceptions that hold you back
  • Gaining greater awareness and insight so you can feel more comfortable and confident in navigating your life
  • Becoming the healthier, satisfied, vital person you want to be.

My goal is to work collaboratively with you to improve the quality of your life and find fulfillment. I combine my training in integrative psychology with a variety of techniques, skills, and insights that can help you achieve your goals.  Mindfulness, body awareness, empathic listening, and skill building exercises are the main touchstones in my work.

Together, we will explore the experiences and beliefs that shape who you are, and we will identify and build the strengths you already possess.

I also lead workshops on Anxiety and Stress Reduction, Managing Transition and Yoga for Emotions and have been a speaker at professional trainings, high schools and symposiums.  Feel free to inquire as to my availability to speak at your organization.

I am committed to serving people of all backgrounds and belief systems and enjoy participating in a diversity of communities as a means to learn, contribute, and continue growing.